Robert wrote at January 6, 1:32:16 am

Cuando en el campo se oye tu voz los when in the field of your voice is heard pájaros te acompaña con sus trinos y sus birds accompanies you with their songs and their cantos songs. Las plantas que allí han nacido emergen su plants that were born there emerge the tallo y abren su flor, orgullosa y alegre and open its flower stalk, proud and happy porque tu siempre das pasión because you always give love el sol brilla más y el agua del arroyo the sun shines more and stream water *kiss*


BreeWolfe wrote at January 6, 12:44:34 am

Hello Dear Friend,

Hope you have a fantastic Friday!

After our freeze in FL it's

warming up for a beautiful day.

Sending you...

Hugs and Love, Bree

Bella wrote at January 5, 10:38:17 pm

Enjoy your and hugs.
*Sparkle Rose* wrote at January 5, 10:23:13 pm




...The Heart feels what the eyes

cannot see...and knows what the

mind cannot understand...

Happy Friday!!!

*Sparkle Rose*
*Sparkle Rose*
Richard Anthony wrote at January 5, 10:08:27 pm

~Spread some happiness~

You don't have to be a star
Or win the public gaze,
To spread a bit of happiness
In simple little ways.

In this busy world of ours
We can all find time to spare,
To help a troubled soul
By showing them we care.

A loving touch and gentle words
To ease another's pain,
Can cheer a heart that's sad
And make them smile again.

If you spread a little happiness
Each and every day,
It will always be remembered
By those who passed your way.


Have a wonderful Night
My Precious Friend.
And remember to spread,
Some happiness (smiling)

Blessings and lots of love Always, Richard

Richard Anthony
Dee...Life is Precious wrote at January 5, 7:34:55 pm
Thank You for the friend requestlove
Dee...Life is Precious
Abba (The Power of LOVE-the Greatest Healer) wrote at January 5, 7:15:06 pm

Thank you and welcome to my life God Angelgroup hug
Abba (The Power of LOVE-the Greatest Healer)
Robert wrote at January 5, 7:07:05 pm

C'est soir tranquille, les gouttes de pluie légères filtrent à l'aide des feuilles that evening calm, light raindrops filter through the leaves, enlevant la poussière, libérant des parfums removing dust, releasing fragrances sur ce que la brise douce adoucit what the breeze softens le genre de nuit où vous souhaitez que vous ayez été avec celle vous aimez the kind of night you wish you were with those you love niché près du feu ouvert nestled near the fireplace en observant la lune se pencher dans et hors des nuages blancs de coton by observing the moon to look in and out of white cotton clouds caressant et se tenant doucement gently caressing and holding le souffle tremblant silencieusement rassemblent; the breath trembling silently congregate*kiss*


~France~ wrote at January 5, 6:33:17 pm


The first weekend of the New Year
is around the corner my friends.
Robert wrote at January 5, 4:47:24 pm

Naître avec le printemps,mourir avec les roses, born with spring die with roses, sur l'aile du zéphyr nager dans un ciel pur, zephyr on the wing of a swim in the sky pure balancé sur le sein des fleurs à peine écloses, balanced on the bosom of the flowers only bloom, s'enivrer de parfums de lumières et d'azur, intoxicating perfume of light and sky, secouant,jeune encor,la poudre de ses ailes, shaking, still young, the powder of its wings, s'envoler comme un souffle aux voûtes éternelles, fly like a breath from the vaults eternal voilà du papillon le destin enchanté this butterfly fate delighted il ressemble au désir,qui jamais ne se pose, it looks like the desire that never arises, et sans se satisfaire, effleurant toute chose, and without being satisfied, touching everything, retourne enfin au ciel chercher la volupté finally returns to the sky searching pleasure*kiss*


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