About Me

I'm Eny, livingin Brittany, celtic land, full of fairy tales and mysterious stories.

studied and taught esoteric astrology and as each seeker, I try to walk
on my own way, with all opportunities given to me

I believe in Love and Light....keys for Life....

So, it's essential to share - give and receive- all knowledges we

acquire in lifetime

I've edited my first poetry book, in french...'Le Miroir Intérieur'...in 2008 and translated 'Max Heindel Memoirs' in French in 2013.

I like to create videos, another way to express my feelings and peace messages...

Thanks for all your comments in visiting my page..

In Light

With love
Jackie Blue wrote at February 27, 9:23:56 pm

I think it is appropriate for Monday! Love Always!
Jackie Blue
RobinsHeart wrote at February 27, 8:39:38 pm

You as well lovely one...
sweetest of dreams and
warm fuzzy hugsSmile

Bella wrote at February 27, 7:42:48 pm

Love and hugs Bella
Lady Mardy wrote at February 27, 5:21:30 pm

Dearest Eny...Thanks so much for the friend
request. I am honored to be among your friends.

Good Morning!!

Have a beautiful relaxing Sunday dear friend.

Things To Put Off Until Next Week...**smile**




Love & Hugs...Mardy

Lady Mardy
Sharon K. wrote at February 27, 4:53:30 pm
Hello dear friend

Wishing you much love and happiness.
Sharon K.
♥Janet♥ wrote at February 27, 4:43:13 pm

“I was a tiny bug.

Now a mountain. I was left behind.

Now honored at the head. You healed

my wounded hunger and anger,

and made me a poet

who sings about joy.


Always with much

Love and Respect

Paul wrote at February 27, 3:34:13 pm

Wishing You A Cool Week Ahead
Love & Hugs Paul

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Skatercarol wrote at February 27, 3:22:28 pm
♥Janet♥ wrote at February 27, 1:07:05 pm

“Thirst drove me down

to the water where

I drank the moon's reflection."


“Have a Beautiful and Peaceful


Much love to you

Always Janet♥

Welcome sweetness!
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