About Me

I'm Eny, livingin Brittany, celtic land, full of fairy tales and mysterious stories.

studied and taught esoteric astrology and as each seeker, I try to walk
on my own way, with all opportunities given to me

I believe in Love and Light....keys for Life....

So, it's essential to share - give and receive- all knowledges we

acquire in lifetime

I've edited my first poetry book, in french...'Le Miroir Intérieur'...in 2008 and translated 'Max Heindel Memoirs' in French in 2013.

I like to create videos, another way to express my feelings and peace messages...

Thanks for all your comments in visiting my page..

In Light

With love
donald51 wrote at March 7, 5:47:21 pm
Venise wrote at March 7, 5:45:00 pm



Flirty Images

Flirty Images

Venice-carnival Pictures, Images and Photos

Sabine wrote at March 7, 4:37:05 pm

Ich hoffe du hattest ein schönes wochenende.
Ich wünsche dir einen sonnigen Dienstag.
Danke für die wundervolle Freundschaft
Pass auf dich auf!
Umarmung Sabine
I hope you had a beautiful weekend.
I wish you a sunny Tuesday.
Thanks for the wonderful friendship
Take care!
Embrace and Love
Lil Indian wrote at March 7, 4:14:31 pm

Good Afternoon/Evening...

I Just Woke Up...With One Heck Of a Headbanger...LOL...

May Today Surround You With Much Love and Happiness...

Little Indian
Lil Indian
Venise wrote at March 7, 3:34:37 pm

hello dear Eny,
good evening,xo Venise

Flirty Images

Richard Anthony wrote at March 7, 2:30:13 pm

Peace is a divine attribute. It is a quality of the soul. It fills the pure heart.

Peace is a state of quiet. It is freedom from disturbance, anxiety, agitation, riot of violence. It is harmony, silence, calm, repose, rest. Specifically, it is the absence or cessation of war.

Everybody wants peace and is clamouring for peace; but peace does not come easily. Even if it comes, it does not last for a long time. It desserts the lustful. It runs away from selfish people. It cannot remain with greedy persons.

Withdraw yourself from external objects. Meditate and rest in your soul. You will realize everlasting peace now.

Nothing can bring you peace, but yourself. Nothing can bring you peace, but the victory over your lower self, triumph over your senses and mind, desires and cravings. If you have no peace within yourself, it is vain to seek it in external objects and outward sources.

Peace is in the hearts of sages, saints and spiritual men. It is in the heart of a desireless man, who has controlled his senses and the mind.

Greed, lust, jealousy, envy, anger, pride, and egoism are the enemies of peace. Slay these enemies by the sword of dispassion, discrimination, and non-attachment. You will enjoy perpetual peace.

Peace is not in money, estate, bungalows, and possessions. Peace does not dwell in outward things, but within the soul.
~ Swami Sivananda

Richard Anthony
donald51 wrote at March 7, 1:00:08 pm
Bella wrote at March 7, 11:40:29 am

I love the color red,enjoy your day my friend,hugs Bella
♥ Rö§êmår¥ ♥ ~ wrote at March 7, 11:29:05 am

Good morning friends... I found this on the internet and thought it was trippy...can you count the many faces projected? lol. Have a nice day. I am here at work. <3 ~Rosemary
♥ Rö§êmår¥ ♥ ~
Katherine wrote at March 7, 11:25:12 am
Put your feet up, you deserve it.
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