About Me

I'm Eny, livingin Brittany, celtic land, full of fairy tales and mysterious stories.

studied and taught esoteric astrology and as each seeker, I try to walk
on my own way, with all opportunities given to me

I believe in Love and Light....keys for Life....

So, it's essential to share - give and receive- all knowledges we

acquire in lifetime

I've edited my first poetry book, in french...'Le Miroir Intérieur'...in 2008 and translated 'Max Heindel Memoirs' in French in 2013.

I like to create videos, another way to express my feelings and peace messages...

Thanks for all your comments in visiting my page..

In Light

With love
Franco Scopinich wrote at March 12, 7:19:29 am
Franco Scopinich
Skatercarol wrote at March 12, 7:07:28 am
Rajiv The Fourth Dimension wrote at March 12, 6:48:38 am
Good Morning
Warm Hugs ..
Rajiv The Fourth Dimension
Bree49 wrote at March 12, 6:13:42 am
Venise wrote at March 12, 5:35:10 am

saturday kisses!!
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Philip 1 wrote at March 12, 5:32:28 am

Hello !!!Smile!!!Just To Say Hi...Nice Vid Thanks!!!Enjoy Your W'end...
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Philip 1
Tyloup wrote at March 12, 4:22:45 am

Fantastique journée à toi Eny Wink
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Lady_of_chains wrote at March 12, 4:17:19 am


StoneLucky wrote at March 12, 3:19:35 am

Have a wonderful weekend dear Eny ~ I have busy day today ~ Catch up with you next week ~ Love & Light Always

Sean xox
sixx wrote at March 12, 2:29:24 am
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You Are Divinity

Soul Sign

You are the divinity in soul and in manifestation.


Your life is an absolute marvel, a fantastic expression of divine love and intelligence. Everything about you is purposeful and amazingly perfect. If you have any regrets or disappointments about yourself, your experiences or your life it only means that you have not been able to see what an incredible being you are and the gifts that you have to give.

Love sixx
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