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About Me
I am a soujourner through this life. An old soul on this voyage and this realm new to me. Niether christan nor wiccan I am both for I claim my pegan roots and the Great Lord and Lady have a home with me. Skyclad I have danced upon the holy sabbats and between the fires I've lept and run in past lives and still do today. The sacred laws I hold in my heart and I watch the weal of years in the night sky. A keeper of ancient knowledge I have seen my books burned My coven disbanded and yet I still survive for in doing so I find strength. Please feel free to post your comments as you wish as I have no problem with with viewing the human form. After all they were made in the image of the God and Goddess and how can devine creation be profane.
Who I'd Like to Meet
.Old hippies, new hippies, mods, rockers, People who believe in love, light, laughter, and dancing to their own inner music. Poets, jesters, musicians, all are welcome. Espically those who believe in peace and joy.
Enyarwen wrote at March 24, 10:56:55 am

Enjoy every day, even in the smallest things, because we can discover great beauties ... Beautiful Sunday, and happy week ahead my dear friends ... Send you fairy dust and magic vibes *** Smile

Profitons de chaque jour, même dans les plus petites choses, car nous pouvons y découvrir de grandes beautés ... beau dimanche et joyeuse semaine à venir, chers amis ... je vous envoie de la poussière de fée et des vibrations magiques *** Smile

Enyarwen wrote at March 21, 10:50:27 am

We are ready to watch the final season of this epic series ... Meanwhile, let's have a glance on the characters .... Smile

Nous sommes prêts à voir la saison finale de cette série épique ... en attendant, jetons un coup d'oeil aux personnages .... Smile

Living Voyage by Kevin MacLeod

Enyarwen wrote at March 19, 11:20:32 am

Welcome to the new season *** Celebrate Spring and Nature *** Peace and Light in all hearts *** Love ♥

Bienvenue à la nouvelle saison *** Célébrez Printemps et la Nature *** Paix et Lumière dans tous les coeurs *** Love ♥

Enyarwen wrote at March 17, 11:02:52 am

The seasons come and go inexorably. Winter is dying and already the sounds and smells of the new period are present ... Farewell Mr Winter .... It is not without nostalgia I see you leaving ...

Music by Lish Grooves

Les saisons se suivent inexorablement . L'Hiver se meurt et déjà les sons et les odeurs de la nouvelle période se font présents ... Adieu Mr Hiver .... ce n'est pas sans nostalgie que je vous vois partir ...

Enyarwen wrote at March 15, 11:09:46 am

Happy St Patrick week end to all Irish people and of course all those celebrating this great figure ****** Love and Joy ♫♣♥

Heureux week end de la St Patrick à tous les Irlandais et bien sûr à tous ceux qui vont célébrer ce grand personnage *** Amour et Joie ♫♣♥

Enyarwen wrote at March 13, 11:11:51 am

Brillant, moving, greatly performed by a very good casting, I recommand this movie, about Queen Anne, (from 1707 to 1714) in fact first Queen of Great Britain, after the unification of Scotland, England and Ireland. Respect to Olivia Colman, playing this unfortunate and suffering Queen in a wonderful way ♥

Brillant, émouvant, superbement interprété par un très bon casting , je recommande ce film sur la reine Anne (de 1707 à 1714), en fait la première reine de Grande-Bretagne, après l’unification de l’Écosse, de l’Angleterre et de l’Irlande. Respect envers Olivia Colman, jouant cette malheureuse et souffrante Reine d’une merveilleuse manière ♥

Enyarwen wrote at March 11, 11:00:27 am

Famous words by Tolkien .... Imagination can wander too .... and it's a very good sensation ... Great week to you, dear friends, love ♥

Music by Michael Doxon

'Tous ceux qui errent ne sont pas perdus', fameuse phrase de Tolkien ... on peut errer aussi avec l'imaginaire, et la sensation est extra .... Passez une semaine géniale chers amis ... Love ♥

Enyarwen wrote at March 8, 11:00:14 am

Love and Respect to all women in the world ... and not only today but everyday .... I'm happy and proud to be a woman *********** ♥ Love ♥

Music by Ann Annie

Amour et Respect pour toutes les femmes du monde .... et non seulement aujourdhui mais chaque jour ... je suis heureuse et fière d'être une femme *********** ♥ Love ♥

Enyarwen wrote at March 6, 11:11:04 am

Our origin, our source, our legacy ... macrocosm in our microcosm ... So wonderful ........... have a splendid day *** Love ♥

Music by Midnight North

Notre origine, notre source, notre héritage .... le macroscosme dans notre microcosme ... Tellement merveilleux ... Passez une splendide journée *** Love ♥

Enyarwen wrote at March 4, 11:00:51 am

Peaceful new week .... follow me for a moment in time .... Love ♥

Music by William Rosati

Paisible semaine .... suivez moi pour un moment dans le temps ... Love ♥

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