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About Me
I am a soujourner through this life. An old soul on this voyage and this realm new to me. Niether christan nor wiccan I am both for I claim my pegan roots and the Great Lord and Lady have a home with me. Skyclad I have danced upon the holy sabbats and between the fires I've lept and run in past lives and still do today. The sacred laws I hold in my heart and I watch the weal of years in the night sky. A keeper of ancient knowledge I have seen my books burned My coven disbanded and yet I still survive for in doing so I find strength. Please feel free to post your comments as you wish as I have no problem with with viewing the human form. After all they were made in the image of the God and Goddess and how can devine creation be profane.
Who I'd Like to Meet
.Old hippies, new hippies, mods, rockers, People who believe in love, light, laughter, and dancing to their own inner music. Poets, jesters, musicians, all are welcome. Espically those who believe in peace and joy.
Enyarwen wrote at July 21, 9:19:15 am

My version of a perfect Summer, with freshness and rain ... sweet sunny days, not too hot .... and so enjoy charms of this season *** Have a wonderful week end ********* ♥

Ma version de l'Eté parfait, avec de la fraîcheur et de la pluie, des jours ensoleillés mais doux, sans être trop chauds ... et ainsi profiter des charmes de cette saison *** Passez un merveilleux week end *** ♥

Thanks to my grand daughter Enora, who gives me this beautiful music from 'Fairy Tail' (her fav manga series) ♥

Merci à ma petite fille Enora qui m'a donné cette belle musique de 'Fairy Tail' (sa série manga préférée) ♥
Enyarwen wrote at July 18, 9:10:45 am

Each of us is a mystery ... That's why it's so great to discover each other Smile Have a nice day **** Follow your dreams and hopes *** Love ♥

Chacun de nous est un mystère ... C'est pourquoi il est formidable de se découvrir les uns les autres *** Passez une belle journée ** Suivez vos rêves et vos espoirs ... Love ♥

Enyarwen wrote at July 16, 8:52:30 am

Be free is certainly one of the greatest joys in life ... because we are born to be free, and it's in our every cell **** Have a lovely week, have fun, dream ... Peace ♥

Etre libre est certainement une des plus grandes joies dans la vie ... parce que nous sommes nés pour être libres, et c'est inscrit dans chacune de nos cellules *** Passez une belle semaine, amusez vous, rêvez .... Paix ♥

Enyarwen wrote at July 14, 9:04:02 am

Wish you a wonderful week end, with a beautiful romance performed by Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman *********** Love and Peace ♥

Je vous souhaite un merveilleux week end, avec une belle romance interprétée par Nicole Kidman et Hugh Jackman ***** Amour et Paix *** ♥

Enyarwen wrote at July 11, 9:30:52 am

Have a nice midweek, with a celtic moment ... Love, Light, Peace ♥

Passez un bon mercredi , avec ce moment celtique ... Amour, Lumière , Paix ♥

Music by Stone Age

Enyarwen wrote at July 9, 9:04:10 am

Some of you are on holidays, others at work ... but to all I wish a great, sunny, sweet new week ... escape is possible in so many ways **** With your spirit, you can can go everywhere Wink Love ♥

Certains d'entre vous sont en vacances, d'autres au travail ... mais à tous je souhaite une semaine ensoleillée, douce, géniale ... l'évasion est possible de bien des manières *** Avec votre esprit vous pouvez aller partout Wink Love ♥

Enyarwen wrote at July 6, 9:11:22 am

Magic has aways a price, price of honesty, selflessness, labor, universal love *** Smile Have a magical week end my dear friends ♥

La magie a toujours un prix, celui de l'honnêteté, du désintéressement, du travail, de l'amour universel *** Smile Passez un week end magique mes chers amis ♥

Enyarwen wrote at July 4, 9:36:51 am

A pianist dreams to meet his love *** She dances on his music and flits on his heart ... let's them play **** Have a sweet day ♥

Un pianiste rêve de rencontrer son amour *** Elle danse sur sa musique et virevolte sur son coeur ... laissons les jouer **** Belle journée ♥

Music : Dinner for Two

Enyarwen wrote at July 2, 9:01:25 am

Trapped in a maze, a feeling we all have had once ... it's weird and panicking, and we are afraid not find the exit ... but there is always a helpful hand ... Smile Have a nice week, Love ♥

Coincés dans un labyrinthe, un sentiment que nous avons tous eu un jour ... c'est étrange et paniquant, et nous sommes effrayés de ne pas trouver la sortie ... mais il y a toujours une main secourable .... Passez une bonne semaine *** Love ♥

Enyarwen wrote at June 30, 9:06:30 am

A noble quest for this week end *** Join the Knights and Ladies, use a pinch of magic, and be a part of History **** Beautiful time to all ♥

Une noble quête pour ce week end *** Rejoignez les Chevaliers et les Ladies , utilisez une pincée de magie, et devenez une partie de l'Histoire *** Passez tous un bon moment *********** ♥

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