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About Me
I am a soujourner through this life. An old soul on this voyage and this realm new to me. Niether christan nor wiccan I am both for I claim my pegan roots and the Great Lord and Lady have a home with me. Skyclad I have danced upon the holy sabbats and between the fires I've lept and run in past lives and still do today. The sacred laws I hold in my heart and I watch the weal of years in the night sky. A keeper of ancient knowledge I have seen my books burned My coven disbanded and yet I still survive for in doing so I find strength. Please feel free to post your comments as you wish as I have no problem with with viewing the human form. After all they were made in the image of the God and Goddess and how can devine creation be profane.
Who I'd Like to Meet
.Old hippies, new hippies, mods, rockers, People who believe in love, light, laughter, and dancing to their own inner music. Poets, jesters, musicians, all are welcome. Espically those who believe in peace and joy.
Enyarwen wrote at April 21, 8:44:19 am

Love Earth, Preserve Earth, for the Love of Life , today, tomorrow and everyday ************** Peace and Light ♥

Aimer la Terre, Préserver la Terre, pour l'Amour de la Vie, aujourd'hui, demain, et chaque jour ************** Paix et Lumière ♥

Enyarwen wrote at April 19, 8:31:21 am

A magnificent song always of current events, by Queen and the fabulous voice of Freddie Mercury **** Enjoy your day ... and your freedom ... Love ♥

Une magnifique chanson toujours d'actualité, par Queen et la voix fabuleuse de Freddie Mercury *** Profitez de votre journée ... et de votre liberté ... Love ♥

Enyarwen wrote at April 16, 9:22:21 am

A trip in ancient Egypt to start this sunny new week *** Welcome to all lovers of this country and period Smile Love and Peace ♥

Un voyage dans l'Egypte ancienne pour commencer cette semaine ensoleillée *** Bienvenue à tous ceux qui aiment ce pays et cette époque Smile Amour et Paix ♥

Musics : Aaron Kenny - Silent Partner

Enyarwen wrote at April 13, 9:22:24 am

A lady prisoner in a castle ... such a romantic story, if there is a knight to save her Smile Wish you a wonderful week end dear friends *** Have fun and rest, enjoy your time *** Love ♥

Une Dame prisonnière dans un château ... quel romantique histoire, à condition qu'il y ait un chevalier pour la sauver Smile Je vous souhaite un merveilleux week end chers amis *** Amusez vous, reposez vous, profitez de ce temps *** Love ♥

Music by Athanor

Enyarwen wrote at April 9, 10:14:19 am

Let's start softly this new week , between rainy and sunny days, as April knows so well how to do it Smile And what we don't have, imagine it ... Love ♥

Commençons doucement cette nouvelle semaine, entre journées de pluie et de soleil, comme Avril sait si bien le faire Smile Et ce que nous n'avons pas, imaginons le ... Love ♥

Music by William Rosati

Enyarwen wrote at April 6, 9:54:30 am

Childhood always remains inside ... it's good to let the little one reemerge from time to time and help us to realize our dreams ... Have a sweet week ed dear friends **** ♥

L'enfance demeure toujours à l'intérieur de nous ... il est bon de laisser le petit être refaire surface de temps en temps et nous aider à réaliser nos rêves *** Passez un doux week end chers amis *** ♥

Music by Huma-Huma

Enyarwen wrote at April 3, 9:25:16 am

Strange, magical, mysterious, why are we so attracted by this special world where people and things seem so different and sometimes scary ... have a wonder - full week Smile Love ♥

Etrange,magique, mystérieux, pourquoi sommes nous si attirés par cet univers où les êtres et les choses sont si différents et parfois même effrayants ... passez une semaine pleine de merveilles Smile Love ♥

Enyarwen wrote at March 31, 9:58:43 am

With Spring comes the New Light, and all cultures celebrate this event in different ways *** Let's keep Light in Spirit, Love in Heart, and Peace in all our Being .............. Happy Easter Time to all ♥♥

Avec le Printemps vient la Lumière nouvelle, et toutes les cultures célèbrent cet événement de diverses manières *** Gardons la Lumière en notre Esprit, l'Amour en notre Coeur, et la Paix dans tout notre Etre *** Joyeuses Pâques à tous ♥♥

Music by Thomas Bergersen

Enyarwen wrote at March 29, 10:13:48 am

Second Full Moon in March, just before Easter, as usual ... Ram is the sign in this time and his energy is very strong ... as the older symbol The Lamb, in connection with Easter of course ... Strength, Light and Love ♥

Seconde Pleine Lune de Mars, juste avant Pâques, comme toujours ... Le Bélier est le signe de cette période, et son énergie est très forte ... tout comme l'ancien symbole du signe, L' Agneau, en relation avec Pâques bien sûr ****** Force, Amour et Lumière ♥

Music by Ugonna Onyekwe

Enyarwen wrote at March 27, 9:21:53 am

This week is very special for many people, but beyond our beliefs, we all go through difficult and painful times ... We have to know, that, in time, we can see the light , because, light is always there, and every tunnel ends to a clear horizon .... Wish you hope, love, light and peace ♥

Cette semaine est très spéciale pour beaucoup de personnes, mais au-delà de nos croyances, nous passons tous par des moments difficiles et douloureux ... Nous devons savoir qu'en son temps, nous pourrons voir la lumière, car elle est toujours là ... et chaque tunnel finit sur un horizon clair ... Je vous souhaite de l'espoir, de l'amour, de la lumière et la paix ♥

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