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If you enjoy writing poetry and socializing, this is the site for you!

The “Creative Poetry Corral” began on MySpace in May of 2007 as a poetry collaboration site. (It moved to Friendbusrt in the Fall of 2010 when changes in MySpace blogging software made creative postings more difficult). The founder, "Lady 'Cheryl' Death," created an unique poetry collaboration process for her friends.

This collab or "share" is still the "flagship" CPC challenge, divided into a three-blog weekly process:

(1) "It's That Time Give Me One More Line" posts Monday evening. Here writers submit lines related to a featured weekly line, for others to use in their collab write. This remains open for additions through about 6 PM Eastern time on Wednesday.

(2) "Get Lost In The Lines With Me" is posted on Wednesday evening with the list of the week's lines from which to pick and edit in creating a collab poem.

(3) "Saturday Share," posted Friday evening and continuing through Saturday and beyond, is the place to post collab poems.

As the popularity of the "Cheryl's Poetry Collab Corral" grew, more poetry challenges were added, beginning with the "Simple Sunday Picture Challenge” featuring an artist's work for poetic inspiration.

Then came “Wonderful Wednesday,” originally designed to give various CPC Pals an opportunity to create and host their own poetry challenge.

“The CPC Meet & Greet” was (and still is) offered the first Wednesday of the month to introduce new writers to the other members of the poetry site.

On the last Wednesday each month, a “Pick-Apart-Poetry” game featured a poet from the past or present. Selections from their work were presented, from which CPC Pals are challenged to choose twenty-five words to arrange into their own new poetic expression. This quickly became a much-anticipated monthly event.

Eventually all of these venues became too much for Cheryl to manage alone. A few of the site regulars offered to take over creating and hosting individual challenges. The resulting increased flexibility led to the addition of three more weekly challenges:

“Magic Monday” explores amazing aspects of life and experience.

“Thematic Attic Thursday” sparks creative imagination with themes related to the past, present and future.

The "Friday Fling” challenges writers to try established poetry formats and sometimes to invent new ones, while writing on a specific designated weekly topic.

Now on Friendburst since the Fall iof 2010, a fully developed "Creative Poetry Corral" offers six different poetry challenges each week, providing both a creative and social site for people to be encouraged to create, socialize and enjoy.





NB: The CPC discourages only sexually explicit (raw) or excessivly provocative or vulgar postings or comments. The site management therefore reserves the right to remove (without notice) any postings or comments which are considered inappropriate.
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Creative writers and anyone who appreciates creative writing!


Enyarwen wrote at June 25, 9:15:37 am

Magical and happy week end dear friends *** Love ♥

'Une pincée de magie par jour éloigne le blues pour toujours'

Heureux et magique week end mes amis *** Love ♥

Music by Epic Soul Factory

Enyarwen wrote at June 22, 9:25:11 am

Long time before Snow White, Queen Ravenna and her sister Freya fought ... A very good movie 2016 and actresses so wonderful ... Happy Wednesday ** ♥

Bien avant Blanche Neige , la reine Ravenna et sa soeur Freya se sont affrontées ... Un beau film 2016 et des actrices toujours aussi superbes ... Bon mercredi Smile

Enyarwen wrote at June 19, 8:38:05 am

Moon and Sun Blessings for this Summer Solstice .. Wish you a wonderful season, full of joy and love *** In Light ... ♥

Bénédictions de la Lune et du Soleil en ce Solstice d'été ... Je vous souhaite une saison pleine de joie et d'amour *** Dans la Lumière ... ♥

Enyarwen wrote at June 17, 9:01:20 am

Respect and Love for each woman in this world .. As they are the bearers of Life, they are precious and deserve the best *** Have a great week end dear friends ♥

Respect et Amour pour chaque femme en ce monde .. Puisqu'elles sont les porteuses de la Vie, elle méritent le meilleur .... Bon week end chers amis ** ♥

Enyarwen wrote at June 14, 8:59:57 am

This revisited version of Jane Austen's novel is both funny and scary, and of course romantic Smile Excellent casting ... we have the famous Darcy and The Bennet girls with weapons under lace Wink

Orgueil et Préjugés et Zombies
Cette version revisitée de la nouvelle de Jane Austen est à la fois amusante et effrayante, et romantique bien sûr . Le casting est excellent et l'on retrouve le cher Darcy et les filles Bennet , mais avec des armes sous les dentelles Wink

Enyarwen wrote at June 11, 8:43:10 am

No matter our beliefs ... our customs, our differences, something of each of us remains in Universe... for another purpose, we are in essence ... Immortal ... because life never ends ... With love ♥

Peu importe nos croyances, nos coutumes, nos différences, quelque chose de chacun nous demeure dans l'Univers ... pour un autre dessein, nous sommes en essence ... Immortels ...car la vie n a pas de fin ... Avec Amour ♥

Enyarwen wrote at June 7, 8:40:28 am

Nine Muses in Greek Mythology, insipring us, through centuries, in different ways of Art ... ♥

Neuf Muses, dans la Mythologie Grecque, nous donnant l'inspiration, à travers les siècles, dans les divers chemins de l'Art ... ♥

Music by Nicoco .. Jamendo

Richard Anthony wrote at June 4, 9:28:09 pm

Richard Anthony
Enyarwen wrote at June 4, 8:17:30 am

Wish you a relaxing and beautiful week end *** ♥

Je vous souhaite un beau et relaxant week end *** ♥

Music by Michel Pépé

Enyarwen wrote at June 2, 8:09:29 am

Magical midweek to each of you, dear friends ... Love and Light, always ♥♥

Passez un mercredi magique chers amis ... Amour et Lumière, toujours ♥♥

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