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If you enjoy writing poetry and socializing, this is the site for you!

The “Creative Poetry Corral” began on MySpace in May of 2007 as a poetry collaboration site. (It moved to Friendbusrt in the Fall of 2010 when changes in MySpace blogging software made creative postings more difficult). The founder, "Lady 'Cheryl' Death," created an unique poetry collaboration process for her friends.

This collab or "share" is still the "flagship" CPC challenge, divided into a three-blog weekly process:

(1) "It's That Time Give Me One More Line" posts Monday evening. Here writers submit lines related to a featured weekly line, for others to use in their collab write. This remains open for additions through about 6 PM Eastern time on Wednesday.

(2) "Get Lost In The Lines With Me" is posted on Wednesday evening with the list of the week's lines from which to pick and edit in creating a collab poem.

(3) "Saturday Share," posted Friday evening and continuing through Saturday and beyond, is the place to post collab poems.

As the popularity of the "Cheryl's Poetry Collab Corral" grew, more poetry challenges were added, beginning with the "Simple Sunday Picture Challenge” featuring an artist's work for poetic inspiration.

Then came “Wonderful Wednesday,” originally designed to give various CPC Pals an opportunity to create and host their own poetry challenge.

“The CPC Meet & Greet” was (and still is) offered the first Wednesday of the month to introduce new writers to the other members of the poetry site.

On the last Wednesday each month, a “Pick-Apart-Poetry” game featured a poet from the past or present. Selections from their work were presented, from which CPC Pals are challenged to choose twenty-five words to arrange into their own new poetic expression. This quickly became a much-anticipated monthly event.

Eventually all of these venues became too much for Cheryl to manage alone. A few of the site regulars offered to take over creating and hosting individual challenges. The resulting increased flexibility led to the addition of three more weekly challenges:

“Magic Monday” explores amazing aspects of life and experience.

“Thematic Attic Thursday” sparks creative imagination with themes related to the past, present and future.

The "Friday Fling” challenges writers to try established poetry formats and sometimes to invent new ones, while writing on a specific designated weekly topic.

Now on Friendburst since the Fall iof 2010, a fully developed "Creative Poetry Corral" offers six different poetry challenges each week, providing both a creative and social site for people to be encouraged to create, socialize and enjoy.





NB: The CPC discourages only sexually explicit (raw) or excessivly provocative or vulgar postings or comments. The site management therefore reserves the right to remove (without notice) any postings or comments which are considered inappropriate.
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Creative writers and anyone who appreciates creative writing!


Enyarwen wrote at October 21, 10:36:46 am

Hello dear friends, nice Sunday to you and a good week ahead *** Maybe some of you will recognize their country Smile Love and Light to all ♥

Music by Geographer

Bonjour chers amis, bon dimanche et belle semaine à tous *** Certains d'entre vous reconnaîtront leur pays ou région Smile Amour et Lumière ♥

Enyarwen wrote at October 19, 10:22:34 am

My heart in Autumn is like a traveler, exhausted by long months away, and finally reaches its home, and can have some rest, in sweetness and peace *** Have a perfect day *** Love ♥

Mon coeur en Automne est comme un voyageur épuisé après des mois passés au loin, et qui atteint finalement son foyer, et peut se reposer, dans la douceur et la paix *** Que votre journée soit parfaite *** Love ♥

Enyarwen wrote at October 17, 10:42:56 am

Traditional song from a wonderful country, Scotland, and famous Loch Lomond .... I added some pics of Scottish celebrities we appreciate in cinema or series ... Have a nice middle week ** ♥

Un chant traditionnel d'une superbe région, l'Ecosse, et de son fameux Loch Lomond *** J'ai ajouté les photos de quelques célébrités Ecossaises que nous apprécions dans les films et les séries *** Très bon mercredi à tous *** ♥

Enyarwen wrote at October 15, 10:24:29 am

Beautiful new week to all .... we are in the middle of this month and time flies too fast to me Smile Seize the day, take time to watch, to feel, to hear ..... Love ♥

Belle nouvelle semaine à tous ... nous sommes déjà à la mi octobre, et le temps passe trop vite à mon goût Smile Profitez du jour, prenez le temps de regarder, sentir, écouter ... Love ♥

Enyarwen wrote at October 12, 10:17:13 am

Do you like Sarah Brightman ? ... Hope so Smile Wish you a wonderful week end, safe and cosy ... or funny and hectic Wink Angels watch upon you .... enjoy *** Love and Light ♥

Aimez vous Sarah Brightman ? Je l'espère Smile Je vous souhaite un merveilleux week end, tranquille et confortable, ou joyeux et trépident Wink Les anges veillent sur vous, profitez bien Wink Amour et Lumière ♥

Enyarwen wrote at October 10, 10:32:20 am

A movie I liked so much .... with Clemence Poesy ...

Have a sweet midweek dear friends **** Love ♥

Un film que j'ai beaucoup aimé, avec Clémence Poésy ...

Passez un beau mercredi chers amis *** Love ♥

Enyarwen wrote at October 8, 10:55:41 am

To wish you a lovely new week, with always dreams in mind, love in heart, light in eyes .... Treasures of season are priceless .... Enjoy them ... Love ♥

Pour vous souhaiter un merveilleuse semaine, avec toujours des rêves plein la tête, de l'amour dans le coeur, et la lumière dans les yeux ... les trésors de la saison n'ont pas de prix ... profitez en *** Love ♥

Song by Kate Rusby

Enyarwen wrote at October 5, 10:28:08 am

Cross the portal and you are there ... Maybe we'll meet in some place Smile Have a great week end ... with joy and peace *** Love ♥

Music by Asher Fulero : Portal Trip

Franchissez le portail et vous y êtes ... peut être nous rencontrerons nous en quelque lieu ... Passez un super week end, plein de joie et de paix *** Love ♥

Enyarwen wrote at October 3, 10:06:03 am

We need memories , souvenirs .... because when times are dark or sad, we can live in our mind and in our heart the sweet moments of the past, even fugitive, and for a short instant, we are happy again, and all is different .... I wish you a peaceful day *** With Love ♥

Nous avons besoin de souvenirs .... parce que quand les temps sont sombres ou tristes, nous pouvons revivre dans notre esprit et dans notre coeur les moments doux du passé, même fugitifs et pour un court instant , nous sommes heureux à nouveau et tout est différent ... je vous souhaite une journée paisible *** Avec Amour

Enyarwen wrote at October 1, 10:31:55 am

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