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The day when I almost lost my daughter

It was 1994 when she was shot
In the back of her head by a so called friend
They worked together in the same plant

On June 29 , 1994 a shooting occurred
My daughter was shot and abandoned
Left to die alone in his mother's home

My daughter was found by the mother
Of the guy that shot her
Around 12:30 PM Tuesday afternoon

She was found sitting upright on a sofa
With blood running from her mouth
My daughter was then rushed

To the Elbert Memorial Hospital
Where a brain scan revealed
A bullet logged in the center of her head

A single bullet almost took my daughter's life
My daughter was then rushed to
Athens Regional Medical Center

Where she stayed for six weeks
In a comer in the ICU unit
I never prayed so much in my whole life

Than that day I almost my child
And the danger was still there
My child was then transported to

Augusta Walton Rehabilitation Center
Where she stayed for another six months
In rehabilitation bound to a wheelchair

For the rest of her life
Partly blind poor hearing
With fragments of bullet still lagged in her head

Still this day

Written By : Bettie Davis --------- (C) March 22 , 2009
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Enyarwen wrote at March 16, 10:17:38 am


Happy St Patrick, ready to celebrate, sing and dance Smile Joy and blessings to all our Irish friends ♥♥ Love ***

Belle fête de St Patrick, prêts à célébrer, chanter et danser Smile Joie et bénédictions à tous nos amis Irlandais ♥♥ Love ***

Enyarwen wrote at March 12, 10:21:01 am

A new week, closer to the next season ... and we can feel the changes in the air ... between darkness and light, grey days and sunny attempts ... it's a weird time, outside and inside ... time of reflection .... Have a nice week dear friends *** Love ♥

Une nouvelle semaine, plus proche de la prochaine saison ... et nous pouvons sentir les changements dans l'air ... entre obscurité et lumière, jours gris et percées du soleil ... c'est un passage étrange, à l'extérieur comme à l'intérieur ... un temps de réflexion ... Bonne semaine chers amis *** Love ♥

Music by South London HiFi

Enyarwen wrote at March 9, 10:24:06 am

I'm gonna spend this week end with Mithrandir, in the two trilogies based on Tolkien masterpiece .... Grey and rainy days ... so it's ideal time to enjoy adventures with this great wizard performed by Ian Mc Kellen Smile Have a magical week end too *** Love ♥

Je vais passer le week end avec Mithrandir, dans les deux trilogies d'après le chef d'oeuvre de Tolkien ... Jours gris et pluvieux ... temps idéal pour apprécier les aventures avec ce grand magicien, interprété par Ian Mc Kellen Smile Passez un super week end *** Love ♥

Music by Sir Cubworth

Enyarwen wrote at March 7, 10:30:43 am

Tomorrow is the traditional Woman's Day ... but every day should be, as man's day too ... We are humans, equals, and love and respect should lead our lives ... Our world isn't perfect, but it could be better if we just pay attention to each other **** ♥

Demain est le traditionnel jour de la Femme ... mais chaque jour devrait l'être, ainsi que celui de l'homme ... Nous sommes humains, égaux, et l'amour et le respect devraient guider nos vies ... Notre monde n'est pas parfait, mais il pourrait être meilleur si nous prêtions davantage attention les uns aux autres *** ♥

Music by Wahneta Meixsell

Enyarwen wrote at March 3, 8:50:57 am

Let's the Magic begin with this week end **** Have good time, relax and laugh, treat yourself, meet some friends , that's already magical *** Love ♥

Que la magie commence avec ce week end *** Passez du bon temps, relaxez vous et riez, prenez soin de vous, rencontrez des amis, c'est déjà magique *** Love ♥

Music by William Rosati

Enyarwen wrote at March 1, 9:56:21 am

Pisces sign ,1st Full Moon of March, so here are mermaids and fishes to celebrate the event Smile Have a nice new month and good vibes *** Love ♥

Le signe des Poissons a commencé, la première Pleine Lune de Mars, aussi voici des sirènes et des poissons pour célébrer l'événement Smile *** Je vous souhaite un beau mois et de bonnes vibrations *** Love ♥

Music by Athanor

Enyarwen wrote at February 26, 10:18:50 am

Where are thoses countries we read so much about? Where are past beauties and old people we still dream of ? .... Just for some moments, let's remember them ............ Beautiful week my dear friends *** ♥

Où sont ces pays dont nous avons tant lu les histoires? Où sont les beautés et les anciens peuples dont nous rêvons encore? ... juste pour quelques moments, souvenons nous d'eux .... Belle semaine chers amis *** ♥

Music by Thomas Bergersen

Enyarwen wrote at February 23, 10:36:30 am

Oniric Journey to wish you a wonderful week end, even happy holidays for some, and overall, a time to dream and imagine whatever you want ***** Love ♥

Un voyage onirique pour vous souhaiter un merveilleux week end, et même de bonnes vacances pour certains, et par dessus tout, un temps pour rêver et imaginer tout ce que vous voulez *** Love ♥

Music Bittersweet by SYBS

Enyarwen wrote at February 19, 10:50:53 am

Old times, old love ... but new week to you **** So enjoy the moment and have a sweet day *** Love ♥

Anciens temps, ancien amour, mais nouvelle semaine pour vous *** Aussi, profitez du moment et passez une douce journée *** Love ♥

Enyarwen wrote at February 17, 11:13:51 am

Long time ago, goddesses concluded a pact with great Trees in the forest *** Since, they are one with them, guarding and protecting Nature so are the Dryads **** Have a sweet week end ♥

Il y a bien longtemps, des déesses ont conclu un pacte avec les grands Arbres de la forêt *** Depuis, elles sont en eux, gardant et protégeant la Nature ... ainsi sont les Dryades *** Passez un doux week end ♥

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