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The day when I almost lost my daughter

It was 1994 when she was shot
In the back of her head by a so called friend
They worked together in the same plant

On June 29 , 1994 a shooting occurred
My daughter was shot and abandoned
Left to die alone in his mother's home

My daughter was found by the mother
Of the guy that shot her
Around 12:30 PM Tuesday afternoon

She was found sitting upright on a sofa
With blood running from her mouth
My daughter was then rushed

To the Elbert Memorial Hospital
Where a brain scan revealed
A bullet logged in the center of her head

A single bullet almost took my daughter's life
My daughter was then rushed to
Athens Regional Medical Center

Where she stayed for six weeks
In a comer in the ICU unit
I never prayed so much in my whole life

Than that day I almost my child
And the danger was still there
My child was then transported to

Augusta Walton Rehabilitation Center
Where she stayed for another six months
In rehabilitation bound to a wheelchair

For the rest of her life
Partly blind poor hearing
With fragments of bullet still lagged in her head

Still this day

Written By : Bettie Davis --------- (C) March 22 , 2009
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Enyarwen wrote at August 16, 9:20:43 am

Women certainly have mood shifts, many emotions, multiple facets, but they all are magical ... Beautiful day to all ♥

Les femmes ont certainement des changements d'humeur, de nombreuses émotions, de multiples facettes, mais elles sont toutes magiques ... Belle journée à tous ♥

Music by William Rosati

Enyarwen wrote at August 13, 9:20:32 am

After heat and suffocating weather, it's such a relief and pleasure when rain comes ... enjoy the smell of nature when water has nourished the soil, then all perfumes fill our heads and our hearts .... wish you an excellent week *** Love ♥

Après la chaleur et le temps suffocant, c'est un tel soulagement et un plaisir quand la pluie arrive ... appréciez les senteurs de la nature lorsque l'eau a nourri le sol , tous les parfums alors emplissent nos têtes et nos coeurs ...je vous souhaite une excellente semaine *** Love ♥

Enyarwen wrote at August 10, 8:59:00 am

Before a bedtime story, this tale was a terrible and symbolic one for adults .. but anyway, never underestimate the feminine strength Wink Have a terrific week end *** ♥

Avant d'être une histoire pour enfants, ce conte était un terrible récit plein de symboles, pour adultes ... quoiqu'il en soit, ne sous estimez jamais la force féminine Wink Passez un week end terrible Smile

Music by Ugonna Onyekwe

Enyarwen wrote at August 8, 9:16:02 am

On Sinead O Connor's beautiful song, I offer you a ballad in nature, romantic and out of time .... lovers were, are and will be .... for eternity *** Light and Peace ♥

Sur cette belle chanson de Sinead O Connor, je vous offre une ballade dans la nature, romantique et hors du temps ... les amoureux ont été , sont et seront présents, de toute éternité *** Lumière et Paix ♥

Enyarwen wrote at August 6, 9:22:33 am

One movie I always loved so much to start the week ... 'Constantine' ... with Keanu Reeves and Rachel Weisz .... Have fun and enjoy the moment *** Love ♥

Un film que j'ai toujours adoré pour démarrer cette semaine 'Constantine', avec Keanu Reeves et Rachel Weisz *** Passez un bon moment *** Love ♥

Song by James Labrie

Enyarwen wrote at August 4, 9:27:33 am

Another very warm week end ... so follow the Faes , they 'll lead you to fresh and shaded places ... Peace and Light to all ♥

Un autre week end très chaud ... aussi suivez les Fées, elles vous guideront vers des lieux frais et ombragés ... Paix et Lumière pour tous ♥

Music by Athanor

Enyarwen wrote at August 2, 10:26:23 am

Always in deep love with all characters of Tolkien ... The Hobbit, first book I read from him, is the second Trilogy by Peter Jackson ... The story of Bilbo ... and his famous adventure with Thorin Oakenshield **** Enjoy *** ♥

Toujours mon grand amour pour les personnages de Tolkien ... Le Hobbit, premier livre que j'ai lu de lui, est la seconde trilogie au cinéma par Peter Jackson ... l'histoire de Bilbon et sa fameuse aventure avec Thorin Ecu de Chêne *** Passez un bon moment *** ♥

Music : Beyond the Forest by Howard Shore

Enyarwen wrote at July 31, 9:33:39 am

Welcome August with Lughnasad/ Lammas Festival *** We celebrate the sun, the harvest, and the joy to have so many gifts from Mother Nature **** Ancient or modern Times ... we all can rejoice and be grateful *** Love and Light ♥

Bienvenue au mois d'Août avec le Festival de Lughnasad/Lammas *** Nous célébrons le soleil, la récolte, et la joie d'avoir tant de cadeaux de Mère Nature *** Temps anciens ou modernes, nous pouvons tous nous réjouir et être reconnaissants *** Amour et Lumière

Enyarwen wrote at July 30, 9:16:18 am

Every day is a new opportunity, a new possibility ... we aren't always aware of that, however later, we realize the things we've missed ... but Universe is generous and offers many other chances .... Have a creative week dear friends *** Love ♥

Chaque jour est une nouvelle opportunité, une nouvelle possibilité ... nous n'en sommes pas toujours conscients, pourtant plus tard nous réalisons ce que nous avons manqué ...mais l Univers est généreux et nous offre beaucoup d'autres chances ... Passez une semaine créative chers amis *** Love ♥

Enyarwen wrote at July 28, 9:25:40 am

Even after midnight, the dream goes on, magic never fades, and you can live what you wish ... Have a fabulous week end dear friends ******** Smile Love ♥

Même après minuit, le rêve continue, la magie ne s'efface pas, et vous pouvez

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