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The day when I almost lost my daughter

It was 1994 when she was shot
In the back of her head by a so called friend
They worked together in the same plant

On June 29 , 1994 a shooting occurred
My daughter was shot and abandoned
Left to die alone in his mother's home

My daughter was found by the mother
Of the guy that shot her
Around 12:30 PM Tuesday afternoon

She was found sitting upright on a sofa
With blood running from her mouth
My daughter was then rushed

To the Elbert Memorial Hospital
Where a brain scan revealed
A bullet logged in the center of her head

A single bullet almost took my daughter's life
My daughter was then rushed to
Athens Regional Medical Center

Where she stayed for six weeks
In a comer in the ICU unit
I never prayed so much in my whole life

Than that day I almost my child
And the danger was still there
My child was then transported to

Augusta Walton Rehabilitation Center
Where she stayed for another six months
In rehabilitation bound to a wheelchair

For the rest of her life
Partly blind poor hearing
With fragments of bullet still lagged in her head

Still this day

Written By : Bettie Davis --------- (C) March 22 , 2009
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Enyarwen wrote at February 14, 10:53:27 am

Beautiful and Happy Valentine's Day to all lovers in the world *** Send you Kisses and Hugs *** ♥

Music by Asher Fulero

Belle et joyeuse Saint Valentin à tous les amoureux du monde *** Je vous envoie mes bisous et des câlins *** ♥

Enyarwen wrote at February 12, 10:51:35 am

How time is long when your love is so far away ... I remember ... but the joy of reunion gives hope .... Have a sweet day dear friends ♥

Music by Ann Annie

Comme il est long le temps lorsque votre amour est très loin ... je me souviens ... mais la joie des retrouvailles donne de l'espoir ... Douce journée mes amis ♥

Enyarwen wrote at February 10, 11:18:59 am

A day with storm ... a day with wind ... so a day to dream and be a bit lazzy ... Enjoy your Sunday, deliciously and with this secret joy you're alone to know ... Love ♥

Music by Freedom Trail Studio

Un jour avec tempête ... un jour avec vent ... donc un jour pour rêvasser, être un peu fainéant ... Savourez votre Dimanche , délicieusement, avec cette joie secrète que vous seuls connaissez ... Love ♥

Enyarwen wrote at February 7, 11:00:54 am

She was curious, dreamer, she went through the mirror ... and be trapped ... how to come back .... Smile Have a magical day ♥

Music by Letter Box

Enyarwen wrote at February 5, 10:51:03 am

Best wishes to our Chinese friends **** 2019 is the Pig Year *** Health, Light, Love to all **** ♥

Meilleurs voeux pour nos amis Chinois **** 2019 est l'année du Cochon *** Santé, Lumière, Amour à tous **** ♥

Music by Doug Maxwell

Enyarwen wrote at February 3, 11:19:39 am

I like to play with pictures .... in many ways ... beauty can take so many shapes, colors, and we have our own vision of things ... Have a sweet week to come **** Love ♥

J'aime à jouer avec les images, de diverses façons ... la beauté peut prendre différentes formes, couleurs, et nous avons notre propre vision des choses ... Passez une douce semaine *** Love ♥

Enyarwen wrote at February 1, 10:57:16 am

Happy February dear Friends, and let's celebrate Imbolc, with candles and little lights everywhere, inside and outside ... days are longer and time is come to return to the fields for preparing grounds ... It's the same for us ... with Brigid, welcoming the new sun .... and repairing our wounds ... Love and Light blessings ♥

Joyeux Février chers Amis et célébrons Imbolc, avec des bougies et petites lumières partout, à l'intérieur et à l'extérieur ... les jours sont plus longs et le temps est venu de retourner aux champs afin de préparer des terres... Il en est de même pour nous ... avec Brigid déesse de la guérison , accueillant le nouveau soleil .... et réparant nos blessures... Amour et Lumière ♥

Enyarwen wrote at January 30, 11:02:22 am

These days are foggy, stormy, rainy .... and beautiful too because we can see nature in so different ways, and also long shadows between trees ... *** Have a nice midweek *** Love ♥

Music by Eveningland

Ces jours sont brumeux, tempétueux, pluvieux ... et beaux aussi, car nous pouvons voir la nature de diverses façons , et également de longues ombres entre les arbres ... *** Passez un bon mercredi *** Love ♥

Enyarwen wrote at January 28, 11:00:58 am

Beautiful new week to all ********* Be aware of all wonders , always .... despite all sad things in life ........... Love ♥

Music by Jeremy Blake

Belle nouvelle semaine à tous ************ Soyez conscients de toutes les merveilles ... malgré toutes les choses tristes de la vie ........... Love ♥

Enyarwen wrote at January 26, 11:30:46 am

A little tribute to an actress I love very much ... performing different characters with excellence, especially when she accepts to change her beautiful look to become terrible and so adding to the credibility of the personnage ... Friends I give you Charlize Theron Smile

Music by SYBS

Un petit hommage à une actrice que j'aime beaucoup, jouant des rôles différents avec excellence, particulièrement quand elle accepte de changer son look magnifique en devenant terrible, ajoutant ainsi à la crédibilité du personnage ... Mes amis, je vous présente Charlize Theron Smile

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