About Me
"Many people have traveled this world with different dreams, purposes and aspirations. Many are masters, teachers, inventors and followers. They were all sent by the creator of the universe to achieve one just course; “global peace and unification.” But this course cannot be achieved without unconditional love, which possesses the magical powers of the Divine for transformation. When the human race embraces love unconditional, then the lost will be found, the naked will be clothed, the hungry will be fed, the bombs will be destroyed and there will be peace and unity which will make us all to speak one language, “LOVE”. Let love abide". -- Philip D. Brown
I am a retired social worker and computer geek.

I have a favorite saying: "Anyone can knock you down, but you only stay down if you want to be there." I will be coming back strong.

I believe that the human race is one race of people of many colors and should be celebrated as the miracle it is. I also believe that most if not all the problems in the world would be solved if we eradicated ignorance.

I eat meat! If this offends anyone, it is your problem not mine. To claim that only vegetarians can be compassionate people is BS!

Who I'd Like to Meet

Real People. Anyone willing to join into an intelligent discussion.

I am on Skype: john.sawyer8

Twitter: Freedom4All60

Facebook: stampoutignorance@gmail.com

Big $ Made Putting People In Prison
Enyarwen wrote at December 26, 3:06:46 pm

My Magic Isle par enyarwen

Happy new week...

Much Love to all

Enyarwen wrote at December 25, 1:33:02 pm

Love is♥♥♥ par enyarwen

Enyarwen wrote at October 19, 1:11:41 pm

Please listen to the lovely song by my sister in Utah...Pam Black....

Much Love to all

Enyarwen wrote at October 17, 7:26:32 am

Castles Guardians par enyarwen

Have a wonderful week dear friends

Thanks for all your messages, pics and videos

Much Love

Take care

Enyarwen wrote at October 14, 3:03:59 pm

Fly with You par enyarwen

Have a nice week end

Much Love

Enyarwen wrote at October 13, 3:20:09 pm

Beyond The Mirror par enyarwen

Kisses and Hugs my dear friends


Enyarwen wrote at October 11, 4:08:02 pm

Writing A Dream par enyarwen

Light and Love


Enyarwen wrote at October 8, 11:37:18 am

Secrets of a Tree par enyarwen

I'm an old Tree
My flesh is rough and my arms so tired
I've seen so many things
Men's blood has srewed my body
Like petals of rose
And my tears are flowed
For those vain battles
I also remember the games
With joyful children
Climbing on my branches
Whsipering their secrets
I keep in my heart
And my memories are full
Of lovers sighs and kisses
Hiding their embraces
Under my friendly shade

ENY 2011

Je suis un vieil Arbre
Ma chair est rugueuse et mes bras si fatigués
J'ai vu tant de choses
Le sang des des hommes a taché mon corps
Comme des pétales de roses
Et mes larmes ont coulé
Pour ces vaines batailles

Je me souviens aussi des jeux
Avec de joyeux enfants
Grimpant sur mes branches
Chuchotant leurs secrets
Que je garde en mon coeur
Et mes souvenirs sont pleins
Des soupirs et baisers des amants
Cachant leurs étreintes
Sous mon accueillant ombrage
Enyarwen wrote at October 3, 11:38:48 am

Satine par enyarwen

Hi dear friends

Have a great week

Love and Light

Enyarwen wrote at October 1, 2:34:50 pm

Fire and Water par enyarwen

Have a beautiful week end dear friends

Much Love

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